Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our First Photo
 And our Most Recent :)

Our Story

Corey and I have lied to pretty much everyone as to how we met.....teehee...our fictional story is that we met at a gym, I was promoting my Dad's gym and I gave he and his friend my number to try and get them to play basketball there....then corey called me and blah blah blah, it was nearly 5 years ago so really it doesn't matter. But the truth is, we's right friends it was the magic of that brought us two together. The ironic part is that neither of us were going  or have been to church since before we met (long story there). I think we both just wanted to (maybe) meet someone that was brought up with similair values and morals, and that's what we got. Our first date was a movie...neither of us had looked ahead to see what was playing (which we still don't do). So we ended up being forced to see "The pink panther". SUPER romantic...right? After that night we seemed to hit it off, and the next weekend was St. Patricks day. At the time we were living in Las Vegas which is always good for a St. Patricks day BONANZA. We had a great night, we drove to every end of Las Vegas and had FUN doing it. I think we both knew that we had something and everything just kind of took off. We were engaged after a year, however due to my unfortunate character flaw of fulfilling every compulsion I have,we have spent nearly 2 of our 5 years apart (a year in Phoenix, and one in Germany). But after a loooooooooong, and BuMpY road we have finally decided on May 10th 2010 and are excited that we have so much time to put together the PERFECT day tailored 100% to us.
Our story isn't amazing or crazy romantic, our relationship has taken a lot of work and if we didnt love each other so friggin much there is no way we would have made it.